Where can I find a well-written extended essay example?

There are many students who look for samples of extended academic papers on the web. There are also several people that are a little blind about the vastness of the web and try to find samples through tried and tested conventional measures. But given the internet has so much to offer, it would be less prudent to go completely offline when looking for samples of extended academic papers.

What makes these papers different from the others and what are a few things that you would like to learn from such papers. Once you are done with these particulars, you should go look for samples. Here are a few tips that will help you get the right samples in less time.

The library can help

The library is still the first natural place where many old scholars look for help. This is because the library is replete with several examples of academic papers including the extended ones. This makes the library the real place which you need to consult when it comes to looking for good samples.

Help is also available with peers

Your friends and course mates might just have landed something from which even you may take a few cues. You may be able to understand the basic format of the paper and this will allow you to come to terms with the very format of the paper.

Ask your mentor

The mentor will be able to tell you about several places where you will be able to find decently written samples of extended essays. Ask them which one would suit you the best.

You can trust the web

The web can be trusted when it comes to finding samples of academic papers that relate with your curriculum. Here are the places on the web you should check:

  • Essay writing companies: You may either source samples for a charge or ask them to write the paper for you as a whole.
  • Extended academic blogs: These are academic blogs that need to be understood in the context of what they stand for. You can source samples for free.
  • Free discussion forums: The discussion forums help you come with great samples in less time owing to the number of people who participate in the discussions. They often share useful links of samples.

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