How do you make your paper longer?

When students are given the number of pages to write on any essay topic; it is a must for them to justify that if they want to get the desired marks. Having been struggling to meet up with the number of pages? Even with your word content, there is a way to cleverly increase the number of pages without doing anything to the word count.

It should be stated here that you should not overdo things. If you use Arial black font, for instance, your trick will be too obvious and you are going to attract sanctions. We shall be disclosing how you are going to do it without your Instructor noticing such.

  • Where your Instructor is silent on the font size; then you are at liberty to choose any of the font sizes that are popular which will enlarge the pages. Try as much as possible to avoid the likes of Lucida Handwriting or Arial Black because using such will make the trick too glaring.
  • Where your Professor recommends 11pt; you can slightly vary it without your Instructor noticing that. If you use 11.1pt; 11.2pt; 11.3pt for instance, you are going to vary the pages to some little extent. Take a look at them all and choose the option that is most appropriate among them.
  • Another trick that you can easily use to achieve expected results is to vary the size of the commas and periods by extending them. Click on control+F and select all commas and periods. You can now change them to 12 pt.
  • You can also achieve the desired results by changing the spacing between the paper lines. Open to Format and Paragraph and click on the icon Multiple under Spacing. Simply enter 1.1 or 2.1 in the spacing. 
  • When you increase the button margin by a quarter, you are going to achieve expected results. Locate the box which is next to “Bottom” and input 1.25. If that appears too visible; you can change it to 1.15. Your paper will be much longer without your Instructor taking note of it.
  • You can increase the header of your essay by including all the information that will extend your header. It must include the use of double spacing. 

It will be clever if you add a footer page that includes numbers; your essay will look professionally longer in the estimation of your Instructors.

The above are period tips that will make your essay longer. There are also ways to make your essay longer through the use of words.

  • If the number is less than 10; then use words instead of numerals. You are going to extend the word count.
  • Do not use shorthand because it is formal writing. It will help increase your word count
  • Instead of using pronouns with some specific words; use the noun form of it.
  • Include a lot of descriptions in your essay.
  • Give a short conclusion after each paragraph.

Final thoughts

The above strategies will go all the way to help increase the number of pages in your paper.


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