Application essay themes to avoid

The majority of the high schools state that college applications should get finished and handed over to the counseling section before the December holiday. Therefore, those who have not worked on their application have the pressure of meeting the dateline.

Writing essays is the most hated part of college activities by students. It is because the majority of high school students consider themselves inadequate in writing essays. They misunderstand what colleges require of them in both supplemental statements and common application essays. A supplemental essay is an additional essay needed by the majority of the colleges. It is a monumental challenge to write a winning common application essay with a maximum of 650 words. It is massive writing. The challenge becomes enormous when requested to write another supplemental piece with approximately 500 words.

This article is about the topics to avoid when writing an application essay. Because it is the first time for high school students to participate in the college process, and with no idea of the impact of their writing on the admission office, most seniors lack the confidence to assess application essay prompts and provide an adequate response. The following are topic cautions on what to avoid when writing an application essay.

  •   Summary of accomplishments

College application essays are like life, and in life, no one likes to be a braggart. Topics based on these ideas tend to get unfocused, broad and are boring to read. You might have several accolades but allow your essay to speak by letting the reader know you through your experiences.

  • Sensitive or highly polarized topics

The major topics to avoid are religion and politics. Avoid sensitive topics even if you are passionate about it. You do not know who will be reading your admission essay and remember your objective is to get college admission.

  • Sports

Sports essays are predictable; hence avoid writing about them as much as possible. Everybody understands how an athletic story plays out, regardless of the sport or the information. Therefore, discover another topic that is distinct and has little coverage. Ordinarily, admission personnel have read enough about defeat agony and the victory drill concerning high school athletics; hence, they get tired and sick of reading about similar stories. 

  • Trips and volunteer experiences

It is another most expected essay topic around and the most boring themes to read. No one in their right sense requires a brief of your vacation, since people know what happens during volunteer hours and on mission trips. You are free to mention your great trip or experience. However, the whole essay must not talk about your experience while on a mission trip. If you are passionate about bringing these topics, then consider something unexpected or exciting that transpired during the trip.

  •  Illicit or illegal behavior

Avoid jail time, arrests, sex, and alcohol and drug use topics even though they are life experiences you have gone through. You do not desire your judgment put into question for past decisions or by writing about the findings you made. Following this route is risky and not recommended.

 The application essay topics to write are many, and you will not finish reading all of them at one go. However, you can scan the titles for encouragement, and sooner or later, you will get the courage to pick one topic and write. A college application essay is not hard to write, as many students think. It is a matter of caution and planning.


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